The Home

  • Commisioned by an exacting client with an eye for both vista and detail.
  • Exquisitely created from local timbers by local craftsman.
  • Wide encompassing verandahs catch even the gentlest breezes.
  • Superbly appointed, furnished with discretion and flair.
  • Offers private areas for contemplation, reading, and catching up on correspondence.
  • Features local works of art.

The Property

  • Adjoins and overlooks National Park.
  • Situated in protected and critical habitat for the Cassowary a large (up to 2 metre) endangered rain forest bird.
  • Features native flora and private walks.
  • A 3 minute walk through the gardens winds down to Bingil Bay's lovely tropical beach.
  • A 5 minute drive to shops, restaurants,galleries at the village of Mission Beach.

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